The Search for Odysseus

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The Search for Odysseus

In March 2011 CYD performed The Search for Odysseus, a play by Charles Way.

The play tells the story of the teenage boy Telemachus searching for his lost father. It is based on Homer’s epic journey poem The Odyssey, in which Odysseus is forced by an angry God to take a long route home after the Trojan War. The goddess Athene tricks Telemachus into embarking on a challenging voyage that brings him face to face with his father’s adversaries, from a dangerously alluring goddess to an angry Cyclops; through a raging whirlpool to the Underworld and home again.

The play was enhanced by original music specially composed for this production by our musical director Gary Hawkins. The production was set in the round, with all the atmosphere of a Greek play.

Thanks to everyone who helped with the production, and to Jane Tewson and Chris Long for the photos below.