Return to the Forbidden Planet

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The musical “Return to the Forbidden Planet” was CYD's main production for 2007, performed at the end of June, and our most ambitious production to date.

The show is based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest, with the same principal characters and basic plot, but there the similarity ends. “Return to the Forbidden Planet” is a fast-moving rock-and-roll musical set on board a spaceship, which gets pulled towards a mysterious planet by an unseen force. It’s also a terrific story of treachery, heroism and unrequited love.

Our sell-out performances featured a couple of dozen classic pop songs from the 1950s and 60s, all sung with great energy by our young players and accompanied by our live, six-piece band. Some superb costumes, a custom-built stage set and dramatic sound and lighting effects completed a hugely successful production.