MAD About Waddesdon 2011

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Cuddington Youth Drama appeared at Waddesdon Manor on Saturday, 25th June as part of the Music, Art, Drama & Dance Festival. CYD performed scenes and songs from the classic 1970s film Man of La Mancha starring Peter O’Toole and Sophia Loren.

Alonso Quijana is a delusional old gentleman who renames himself Don Quijote de la Mancha, a knight-errant, and sets off in search of adventures with his neighbour Sancho Panza as his Squire. They encounter a windmill, which Don Quijote sees only as some monstrous demon. As the sun sets the pair stop off at an inn where Don Quijote falls in love with the serving maid Aldonza, to the ridicule of the inn’s staff and customers.

At the invitation of Milly Soames, the performance was repeated a week later at Ridgebarn Farm. The event was a family fun day for the PACE Centre, an Aylesbury-based charity for children with physical disabilities.

One week later still, CYD performed the Man of La Mancha tableau once more at Cuddington Fête.

Thanks to John McLoughlin for the photos in the banner below.